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Volume 1 in the Over_Flowing Horizons series: A UERJ-PPGArtes collection on Art and Contemporary Culture.

Book 1, ESREVNI-INVERSE, follows the “Art, Experience and Language” research line of the program, in which artist-researchers present their work in free format, as a result of their artistic processes: a dialogue between text and experience weaving plasticities and discourses, committed to autonomous research that is not limited by preexisting methodologies. Works emphasize experimentation with language in its array of resources, media and sensorial aspects, in addition to its poetic, theoretical, critical and institutional iterations.

The Over_Flowing Horizons series, organized by Luciana Lyra and Paloma Carvalho Santos, brings together digital volumes related to the five lines of research in the PPGArtes-UERJ program, prioritizing focus on “Art and Contemporary Culture” and the means of resistance for art research in the current scenario of the pandemic, post-pandemic and dismantle policies in Brazilian universities. The series approaches contemporaneity through aesthetic practices, new ways of existing and feeling which engender alternative forms of visibility, particularly
in this intense period of de structuring of the means of art making and reflecting upon this important field of action. Readers interested in art, its  field and political dimension are the target audience of this collection.


Artist-researchers in this volume:

Aishá Terumi Kanda
Alexandre Heberte
Amanda Costa
Ana Alves
Ana Andreiolo
Ana Clara Tito
Ana Hortides
Analu Cunha
André Lavaquial
Arthur Chaves
Beatriz Galhardo
Catharina Braga
Chang Chi Chai
Cristina Salgado
Ella Franz Rafa
Eloá Carvalho
Eloisa Brantes Mendes
Fel Barros
Felipe Abdala
Inês de Araujo
Joana Traub Csekö
Jorgge Menna Barreto
Karla Koehler
Leonardo Tepedino
Luiza Coimbra
Malu Fatorelli
Manu Neves
Márcio Diegues
Marcos Abreu
Pedro Pessanha
Regina de Paula
Ricardo Basbaum
Tatiana Altberg
Thigresa Almeida
Valeria Rousseau