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Volume 4 in the Over_Flowing Horizons series: A UERJ-PPGArtes collection on Art and Contemporary Culture.


Book 4, Hypotheses – Essays on Art and Culture, structured according to the “Art, reception and alterity” research line of the program, offers essays on historiographical and historical experimentation which investigate the artistic phenomenon from the viewpoint of its relation with culture in a twofold approach: by addressing the issue of the reception and transit of objects, practices, theories and artistic traditions within the new art geo-history; and by dealing with the incorporation of the alterity issue into a critical and historiographical discourse, especially from the standpoint of objects, themes and matters usually associated with the anthropological field, such as artistic and ethnographic objects, art and ritual, art and life, among others.

The Over_Flowing Horizons series, organized by Luciana Lyra and Paloma Carvalho Santos, brings together digital volumes related to the five lines of research in the PPGArtes-UERJ program, prioritizing focus on “Art and Contemporary Culture” and the means of resistance for art research in the current scenario of the pandemic, post-pandemic and dismantle policies in Brazilian universities. The series approaches contemporaneity through aesthetic practices, new ways of existing and feeling which engender alternative forms of visibility, particularly
in this intense period of de structuring of the means of art making  and reflecting upon this important field of action. Readers interested in art, its  field and political dimension are the target audience of this collection.

Artist-researchers in this volume:

Clara Habib de Salles Abreu
Edu Monteiro
Felipe Ferreira
Guilherme Bueno
João Cícero Bezerra
Marcelo Campos
Martha Telles
Mauricio Barros de Castro
Mauro Trindade
Napê Rocha
Pollyana Quintella
Tiago Luiz dos Santos Ribeiro
Vera Beatriz Siqueira